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CPA Firm: Provide HR and Payroll Service with boost Payroll

CPA's Firms provide mostly accounting services to their clients with value added services such as HR services, Payroll services, Taxes services, Financial and valuation services for different businesses. They are using diffrent software to support their business. Boost Payroll helps them in the area of providing HR and Payroll services. A CPA firm can use Boost Payroll to support multiple clients in one platform. Very often Our CPA Firms in the system charge a minimum fee between $150.00 to $500.00 per client to provide HR services

Boost Payroll has been launched for 2 years and we receive support from different CPA Firms and small businesses in the state of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.

Yes. You can increase your revenue, ask our team to develop more features and provide better HR services to your clients.