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CPA Firm

Boost Payroll is designed to help CPA firm to provide HR and Payroll Services to multiple clients.

Independent Accountant

Now independent accountant professionals can maximize their revenue by using boost payroll

HR Professionals

HR Professionals can easily offer HR services to muliple clients in a single platform

Small Business

Small buisnesses can use the platform to better manage HR effectively at a very low cost


You firm or your small business can partner with us to craft additional features for your business needs


You can use boostpayroll if you choose to manage payroll taxes yourself or you can partner with Gusto or Paychex

On Boarding New Hire

Gain full visibility in your onboarding processes and fix problems before they happen. Get full control and visibility of your onboarding processes. Collect Onboarding Forms, resumés, CV, Hiring Letter Employee Documents & Agreements From Your New Hires

HR & Payroll Management

We help you simplify the administration of the financial record of your employees such as gross salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions. You can use Boostpayroll to centralize the financial data and HR data of your company

Data Analytics

We have transformed the company habits to collect data on the employees and comply with states regulations. For future analysis BootsPayroll will help you organize and collect data such as employee atendance, employee vacation, employee perfomanse and many more features.