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HR software is arguably one of the most popular types of systems adopted by modern businesses. The majority of companies already have a solution in place, but it is an extremely common endeavor for organizations to upgrade their existing tool or moving from a paper based HR management to a an electronic system. If your business is among this group please create a free account and start managing the data for your employees electronically.

Our HRMS (Human Resources Management System) solutions includes a complete employee chart and employee profile to manage all employees information and properly maintain employee's record in the cloud.

HRMS Software System Features
  • All Employee Data In One Place
  • Paperless Documents & Forms Management
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service
  • Document Management
  • Improve & Manage Compliance
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Time and Attendance Management
Data Collection for the employee chart
  • Employee Demographic Information
  • Employee Education, Trainings and Job Details
  • Payroll, Paystubs and W2 Files
  • Employee's Yearly Evaluation
  • Employee 's attendance and timesheet
  • Employee's daily task
  • Insurance Plans
  • Employee's Vacation Management