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The Boost payroll Platform

A System that helps a business carry out its Human Resources work may go by many names including human resource management software (HR software), human resources information system (HRIS), human resources management system (HRMS), and human capital management (HCM). Boost Payroll is among the many HR softwares that will create a huge difference because it makes the management of your employee data much more simpler. The use of HR software, however, makes organizing your business' human capital much simpler. It will allow you to spend less time on trivial tasks and more time creating and implanting progressive strategies.

The Boost payroll platform can perform pretty much any human resource function that you need it to. The employee chart shows the information you need to manage your employee data.

Boost Payroll provides the following base features:

  • HR Management: Effectively manage employee data such as contact information, education, attendance, perfomance and much more
  • Employee Chart: Each employee will have their chart including their HR information. The employee chart works life the traditional paper file cabinet
  • Payroll Management: Boost Payroll can aggregate employees' work times, make the proper deductions, and issue paychecks and you can submit goverment payroll taxes yourself or outsourcing it to Gusto, Paychex or ADP
  • Benefits Administration: Boost Payroll allows you to easily keep track of which employees are enrolled in which benefit programs and reduce the amount of time your company spends on processing forms
  • Company Policies: Boost Payroll allows all your employees to access company policies in one place
  • Company Forms: Boost Payroll allows all your employees to download HR and insurance form in one place
  • Employee Birthdays: Boost Payroll allows the HR managers to see the employees's birthdays
  • Employee Task Management: Boost Payroll allows the managers to assign daily task or function to the employees
  • States Regulations: Boost Payroll allows your company to comply with states regulations

We host our database in the cloud

Our human resources software solution, its application and data are hosted remotely on the vendor's servers in the most secure environment in the USA and are managed by our IT professionals, so you need NOT to worry about security and data backups.

We can deploy your own server for you

If you choose to have your own database and your server, we would deploy and manage the environment for you. We can also make a deal with you to customize and add much more HR features to fit your business needs.

Payroll Services

Fast, easy and affordable for startups and established companies that just need basic payroll done right. We have two principles to suggest our boost payroll customers to run payroll and provide payroll service.

1) The CPA firm or the accountants can pay the payroll taxes directly to the government web site for its clients or use the serices of a local banks to process payroll.

2) The CPA firm or the accountants can partner with Gusto, Paychex, ADP or Sure Payroll to use their payroll services as an add-on to Boostpayroll

Below are the tools that our customers use to provide payroll service for their clients. It all depends the type of your customers

Cloud-based Files Repository Payroll processing company Time tracking
Dropbox Gusto Boost Payroll
Google Drive Paychex T-sheets
Huddle Sure Payroll Clockify

In addition to Gusto, Paychex, ADP or Sure Payroll that can process payroll for your clients, some smart boostpayroll CPA firm and accountants use banks like Citizen bank, Eatern bank to process payroll and get their employee pay stubs and employee w2 from them at a vey low cost.

Note: To provide payroll services, you will need to understand the way the customers usualy conduct payroll and try to come up with new tools to support your clients

HR Professionals: Provide HR Service with boost Payroll

  • Hiring & Onboarding Process
  • Performance management and reviews
  • Employee development, motivation, and training
  • Safety and wellness
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Communication between employees and/or management
  • Employee's yearly evaluation report
  • Compliance with states regulations
  • Schedule, vacation, sick time, and leave policy
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Job Task Reviews

Additional HR services you can offer

  • HR Data Collection (Scan Paper and Data Entry)
  • HR Policy & Manual of Procedures
  • Employer Coaching & Guidance
  • General & Compensation Compliance
  • Perfomance Evaluation
  • Employees's Education & training
  • Discipline policy
  • Extensive background check
  • Manage complaints, letters and more
  • Contacting Health and Dental Insuarnce Company